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Hi! I am Lisa, a creative brand strategist.

I founded my studio to help brands to create a clear picture ︎ of their product or service, putting their brand into action︎and telling their story visually ︎.

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Clarity is your most important asset.

Through customized brand positioning and brand strategy workshops I help you to create a clear picture of your brand and your brand story. This is the necessary basis to communicate your brand consistently inside (employees) and out (customers, suppliers, etc.).




Experiences speak louder than words.

Based on your brand strategy I support you and your team to implement your brand and your brand story at various touchpoints and craft concepts to connect more deeply with your customers – online and offline.




Assets to communicate your brand story and brand benefits easily.

Through visual storytelling, illustration, a customized visual language and pitch deck creation I help your target audience to easily understand how your brand makes their lives better, simpler or easier.

About Lisa Langmantel


Lisa Langmantel is a creative brand strategist.

Before she founded her own studio, she worked for several years at the intersection of design, brand storytelling and strategy for the rebranding institute and the Vienna Tourist Board.

Always eager to expand her horizons and bring brands to life, she founded the monthly breakfast lecture series CreativeMornings Vienna, in 2014. As the Host and Head of Brand Experience for CreativeMornings Vienna, Lisa has curated and managed over 30 events that have inspired and connected the Viennese creative community.

In her free time, Lisa creates visual travel diaries and captures the stories of humans and their plants for the Instagram account people & plants.

 CV on LinkedIn.

Team work makes the
dream work


To be able to work across this broad spectrum, Lisa teams up with experts in different fields such as graphic design, illustration, programming, digital branding, copywriting, SEO, photography and animation, in order to produce the best result for her clients.

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