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How can we create valuable services in the field of art consulting in order to
grow the business of the Viadukt Agency? 

Client: Viadukt Screen Prints  
Field: Clarity (Brand Strategy) & Experience (Service Development) | Role: Creative Brand Strategist Service: Customised brand strategy workshops, workshop moderation

Step 1:Creating a clear picture of the Viadukt brand and working on the Viadukt brand architecture.
Step 2:Target group & competition analysis. Defining the areas and specific value propositions of the new services.
Step 3:Setting goals and creating a milestone plan for the team.

Viadukt Screen Prints is a Vienna-based printmaking studio. In 2018 they decided to expand their business and to launch an agency in the field of art consulting. I ran two customized workshops: one to create a clear picture of the Viadukt brand and the brand architecture. This was important in order to have the same vibe and values. And the second one was all about the future services and how to bring them to life.

Since the agency hasn’t launched yet I can just share the process.

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