When it comes to your brand, clarity is your most important asset.

Through customised brand strategy workshops, brand positioning and competition and audience analysis, I help you build a clear picture of your brand and help people understand how you can make their lives better, simpler or easier.s.

Specific Services:

Customized brand strategy workshops

Brand Positioning

Competition & audience analysis




Experiences speak louder than words.

  Through Research & Insight generation, ideation, prototyping and UX-Design I make sure to create valuable services and brand experiences which fit the brand and the needs of the user or customer.


Specific Services:

Research & Insight-generation

Ideation & Prototyping


Execution together with
your Inhouse-Team or Collaborators



A brand is more than a logo.

Through visual storytelling and a visual language & identity

I help people understand how the brand can make their lives better, simpler or easier.

To bring a brand visibly to life means creating visual forms to communicate and present the benefits, values and stories of your brand. In a clear, aesthetic and comprehensible way.


Specific Services:

Creation of a visual language & identity

Visual Storytelling (Video)  

Content Creation & Curation


Brands I have worked with


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  meet me in person, feel free to get in touch:

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